(90 minutes)

Overview of workshop:
To explain to fellow teachers how glogster.com can offer a digital poster making application that allows students to write and represent information in an alternative medium that can be manipulated, collaborated, and presented using computers. Teachers will be taught a clear understanding of what Glogster is and its application in the classroom. Further samples will be shared, and then teacher will be asked to create their own account and have time for hands on experience on the Glogster account.

What is Glogster?

Glogster.com is a free online application where students can easily create posters that can include text, pictures, videos, music, and animations, in a multi-dimensional space. The website can allow teachers to manage a classroom of students, who can co-create, comment, and interact with each other all within a monitored safe environment of glogster.com. A teacher may create multiple classrooms under the same login, and assignemtn projects with criteria and samples.

Application in a Classroom
Glogster posters can be used anytime. In place of a poster project a unit project each as an individual, in a pair, or as a group. Glogster could also be used in a jigsaw activity where students research, become experts of a given topic then share the Glogster with the rest of the class. These are just a few ideas of what can be possible.

The project is online, so when handing in, the student can email a link to the teacher for assessment, or to share with the rest of the class.

Show Examples

Example: A unit project, Grade 4-8 level. Example: Biography on Person from History, Grade 4-8 level

Go and play:

Teachers will need time on glogster.com to ease the learning curve and have hands on experience with the website to further retain new knowledge about glogsters.

Check out the website for ideas and for quick and easy registration. http://edu.glogster.com/login/

1. Use the SD61 district email account for this website.
2. Quick Task: Create a poster telling the rest of the class about you and your interests.
3. Extend: embed your creation on your blog, website or wiki!