(90 minutes)

Overview of workshop:
To explain to fellow teachers how prezi.com can offer a multi-layered presentation document that can zoom and transform a presentation into an interactive expression of creativity. It was be used as a shared document amongst up to 10 students to share ideas, brainstorm topics, or tell stories. Teachers will be shown possibilities, samples, a quick video, and its application in the classroom. Teachers will be asked to create their own prezi account and spend time exploring the online software on the Prezi account.

What is Prezi?
Prezi.com is a free online application where students can easily create presentations that can include pictures and text created within zooming presentation. Text, theme, pictures and videos can be presented in a chosen animated direction and size. The website creates a link for your working document that you can share with other classmates, teachers, or email it to yourself. Prezi makes group work easy because student can work on the same document simultaneously from different computers in different locations. Also, teachers can monitor process and assess final projects.

Application in a Classroom
Prezi presentations can be used anytime to represent knowledge, or present ideas. It can be used as a unit project, group project, or teaching tool. It can replace any use of Power Point, and can display information in a new 3-dimentional way.

Show Example- “Street Art” Example- Student project

Go and Play:
Teacher will need time on prezi.com to experience the software and ease the learning curve with assistance.
Check out the website for ideas and quick and easy registration. http://prezi.com/

1. use the SD61 district email account for this website.
2. Quick Task: Create a presentation based on a given prompt of a tree
3. Extend: embed your presentation your blog, website or wiki!

o benefits: collaboration possibilities, creative expression, increased manipulation for presentations and projects, extension to smartboards and ipads

o limitations: requires a computer and internet, learning curve, communication difficulties


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