Smartboard Workshop

In general...

1. Using your log in and H:/drive. "My documents" is only your documents.
2. Use a flashdrive to take work home. You dont need a smartboard to prep lessons or a laptop.
3. Find notebook lessons online, download them, and use them without a smartboard.
4. There is more possibilities outside of gallery and notebook

For Primary:
1.) Games and Activites a.) calendar b.) koosh ball game
c.) sorting activity - math
2.) Smart Exchange
a.) how to search for lessons and ideas
3.) Toolbar/Sidebar
a.) pens
b.) text
c.) page recording
4.) Gallery
a.) what is in the gallery
b.) lesson activity tool kit
5.) Words their way
6.) New Resources
a.) digital books
b.) digital conversation cards

For Intermediate:

1. Internet to Notebook
Current events grade 3-5 - SS
a. Google -
b. Full screen with blinders- inside of a website
c. Highlight/spot light
d. Screen Capture - Print to notebook

2. Mapping
a. Google - blank Canadian Map -
b. print to notebook, magic pen, type, recognize, make bigger or smaller
c. pre-type provinces and drag them in, have students do it

3. Word Document to Notebook
Guided Reading- fill in the blanks grade 1-5 - poetry "Friendship Pie"
a. Start in Word, “print” to notebook
b. Write with pen – turn to text
c. Google- Grade 4 multiplication worksheet-

4. Images to notebook
PWIM- picture word induction model- for primary/ESL/French
a. google - vegetables -
b. Print pictures into notebook- sizing and locking
i.) lines, labels, "recognizing" words, printing with "LD modern print font"
c. pictures from file - insert "picture file"
i.) magic pen- magnify is circle, magnify is square

5. Websites – storybird - grades k-5 - Language Arts
a. Any website to notebook to use above
b. Storybird possibilities- show the interface
c. If time - wordle or prezi