Wikis and Widgets Worshop(suggested time 90 minutes)A wikispace is a web based space where students, teachers, and parents can communicate and share ideas. It can be personalized and can offer a safe closed network where permission is required to view any wikispace profiles, and where teachers can monitor all activity.
- show example define what a wiki space is
o definition: a free hosting service online where teachers and/or students can create a page that can be accessed from any computer and can deliver information
o demo an example with possibilities

- explain benefits of a wiki page
o don't need to be a tech wiz to maintain it
o easy access and communication for students, teachers and parents
o organizational tool
o clear due dates and criteria for students and parents to cross reference
o variety of methods of student expression, enhancing work with rich media support
o easy access for student work for evaluation, easy digital feedback
o decrease in NHI's and increase revision
o customized authorities on pages to allow for collaboration
o personalizing of pages creates pride in work and gallery for digital portfolios
- show possibilities and explain benefits of a wiki page - A widget is a small web application that can can be added to any blog, wikispace, or social media site. Check out my page "Widgets" for examples.

- Talk about widgets- what are they? Show some examples from widget wiki page
- How can you add them? Demonstrate how to embed a widget on a wiki page/blog